There couldn’t be more to love about this family!  Adventurous, loving, free-spirited, and loads of fun.  Doesn’t hurt that they’re all beautiful as well!




Kyle knew she would go into labor early and felt it would be the 19th despite her due date set for the 23rd.  We exchanged texts for weeks as we became more familiar with each other and discussed what to expect for delivery.

On May 11th, I went into hyper cleaning mode and on the 12th I continued and tackled some projects around my house.  I felt this high that was familiar to nesting with my kids.  As a joke, I sent Kyle a text to ask if she was nesting.  A definite no as she urged me to come to her house and share my energy.  Haha.  Instead, I continued and finished in time to check in again to see how she was feeling because my gut was telling me to get ready – my anticipation was unsettling.  I ended with, I have a feeling tomorrow’s going to be the day – my camera bag is packed!

The following morning, I received a phone call at 6:40 AM from Kyle, calm and collected, just as she always is.  She let me know she, her husband Justin, the doula Donna, and her sister Jackie would be on their way to the hospital and asked me to join them there!

Even I think this experience we had is cray-cray, but I can’t help but appreciate the bond that is shared with my clients that seemingly become true friendships.

Ok, on to the birth, I’ll let this video tell the sweet birth story of Quinn.

Justin & Kyle, witnessing the birth of Quinn will go down as one of the highlights of my life and I will treasure the friendship we’ve formed through the time spent capturing this special time in your lives.  Thank you for inviting and trusting me with this incredible opportunity to create images for you to hold on to.  Your family has been such a joy to work with and I look forward to our next adventure! XO




Meet Quinn, I’m happy to have not only photographed her for this sweet newborn shoot, I also had the honor of being there for her birth.  I can’t wait to share those photographs, but I’m far too emotional to post about that so I’m fast forwarding to her newborn shoot that took place in the Finney home.


You cannot know a love so sweet until it is captured.




I’ve spent hours with the Finney’s throughout these shoots and what I can tell you is the love and personality of their family is unmatched.  Of course, they know what makes their family special, my desire is for their children to be able to look back at these photographs and see just how much they were loved.  And to witness their family legacy, the unconditional giggle-filled love!



You know what was going through my head and out of my mouth as I was photographing this moment, “Beautiful!  Quinn will be so touched by these photographs and will know her Daddy’s love!”  & Justin, I don’t take back calling you beautiful.  Haha.  Your love for your family is truly beautiful!



Sleep well sweet baby!  You were born into a wonderful family that loves and adores you!  Thank you, Kyle & Justin, being able to document this time in your lives has brought such joy and meaning my way.  I hope to work with you as your family experiences life for years to come.  XO

FinneyFamilyPortraits_ChildPhotography_ChildPhotographer_PortlandFamilyPhotographer_NewbornPhotographer_firefighternewborn_firefighterfamilyphotography_0025In my many years of being a photographer, I’ve come to realize more just how valuable my time is with each and every client.  Not only do I get to photograph pretty pictures and get to know them, I get to capture a part of their story.  & with each one, I am transformed and more united with my desire of creating snapshots into their world.  Not for the sake of vanity or for social regard, but for love & legacy.  Sorry friends, cell phones nor your Uncle With-a-camera can’t do this for you.  If it’s not me, find a professional photographer that you click with and hire them to create an experience for you that will be cherished throughout the years.

If you’re an adventurous and loving family, I’d love to work with you.  Let’s plan an adventure soon!


Meet the Finney family +1 on the way!  I met Kyle a few years ago at our friend Christi’s & I knew from hello that I wanted to photograph her.  Funny thing she was pregnant then with Kaila, lovely girl in pink.  So this proves patience pays off…  I may have done a happy dance when I received her text to book a shoot.

After a bit of brainstorming, she invited me to Cooper Mountain Nature Park to photograph their family a couple of weeks ago.  We spent time enjoying the view, exploring the woods, and getting to know each other more.






Makenna was such a pleasure to photograph, she was calm and kind despite the fact that she was freezing.


Kaila, she’s in boss mode!  Cute, feisty, and on the go.



I love all that family cuteness, but first, there were these two!


These two share a love that’s truly theirs.  I have to say, the best part of my job is getting to know people through my lens.  To witness and capture love and friendship so unique makes me one happy photographer.


These young ladies will be the best big sisters a girl could want.


Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be an incredible birth story… anxiously getting my gear and excitement in check!


Back so soon, who would have thought it?  I mentioned yesterday that I’d admit to the one thing that gets in my way.  Over and over again.

Besides the fact that bears are indeed on to something, truth be told I suffer from a thing called procrastination.  The previous post had been pending for over a month.  Why nothing other than wanting to come back and make it a perfect and relevant post for those of you that read this little piece of the world wide web.  I’m finally admitting that this gets in my way and realize to be done imperfectly is better than not to be done at all.  I’m realizing perfection is impossible.

Do you procrastinate?  Do you have anything that you insist on perfecting but then it doesn’t happen?  I won’t label myself as a procrastinator & neither should you.  Let’s make a pact to get it done as our goal and not perfectly.  Happily Imperfect is my new thing!  Join me?

Alrighty then, like with most professions, we photographers are bad about tending to our own photographs so since I’m being overly honest I’ve lived in this house for nearly two years and I have yet to hang a gallery.  I’d love to hear which of these photographs you think should make it to print?  These were taken on this winter’s second snow snowmageddon of in Portland.  The most snowfall here since the 80’s.

I forced my kids out to play.  This time with Nate and Andre.


Okay, he wasn’t so happy with me, but that’s fine, I only have him five more years so I’m cool with being the annoying mom.


I caught him smiling and being a kid a few times off camera so I’ll keep those moments tucked away in my heart.


This is perhaps one of my most favorite photographs of Andre and Dez, I’m sure this will make it to print in some capacity.


Showing our kids how to have fun on these awesome hills covered in glorious powder.


He steals a piece of my heart every time he makes eye contact with me or my lens.


Lana was too cool to put her hair up, “No, I’m fine, I like it down.”  that is until it was time to brush it.  Yikes!

& yep, that’s Nate going home.  Seriously, who doesn’t love the snow?

These two played for hours with me and even walked a mile in the snow with snow boots to the park.



Nope, no fun here.  Not at all. 170111_SnowDay_18_b

I may have been the last one playing, but I have these photographs as proof that we enjoyed the snow and at least took advantage of a few fun days since we have six snow days to make up.

Anyone else love to play in the snow more than your own kids?  Oh, & there’s a snowflake decorating Friday’s forecast, I hope to see some fall!

Until next time, do something happily imperfect and come back to let me know what it was.

Progress is far better than procrastination.